We Kokando is the first pharmaceutical company in Japan established in 1876. Kokando's management philosophy is "to save and to cure poor people in advance who can not afford to heal the ailment" which is " Use first, pay later" concept. Through Kokando's noble spirit, Kokando Korea was established on the September,2011 to contribute to improve the people's health and to prevent diseases with high-quality products. We Kokando Korea will do whateverit takes to contribute to improve people's health and to promote life convenience through supplying pharmaseutical product, health functional foods, cosmetic product and household items. We Kokando korea will keep on succeeding to Kokando's mission which is to prevail the meaning of curing and saving people inherited for almost 130 years from establishment. We also are committed to carrying out social responsibility of corporation and to creating new value and to pursuing globalization. 

 Thank you.  

on behalf of all employees of kokando korea


Management Philosophy

 Company Map

21, Boseok-ro 12beonan-gil, Seo-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea

301(3rd floor) - KOKANDO KOREA


Business Area

We Kokando Korea is able to distribute pharmaceutical products, Health functional foods, food, cosmetics and 

miscellaneous goods Made in Korea to an overseas through Kokando headquarter, Kokando group, Kokando global companies and vice versa. We are open to production on consignment for pharmaceutical Products through domestic and oversea partners. Potential individual, company and group for the purpose of having a partnership with Kokando Korea are welcoming Any suggestion and business idea would be appreciated for the mutual benefit and WIN-WIN.

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